February 2012 Lantern News

The Lantern Newsletter for February 2012 is here now!

Greetings Prophets, The first month of the year is nearly history as we are starting to look towards events of the upcoming year. Our January meeting went well, albeit a bit quick, but a good first run. To better organize the flow of meetings, the agenda will be included in the newsletter for everyone’s review. While other issues will come up and I am sure there will be reminders of things “left off” the agenda – it will at least give more structure. We had a good turnout, filled the remainder of required committees and benefited from a Past Monarch’s experience that filled in for an absent prophet. There are a few specific functions that we need a lead for – such as the Wine Festival, May Ceremonial Coordinator and it would be nice if someone could step up and try to get some type of fundraiser established for St. Patrick’s Day, which also coincides with the drawing for our raffle!