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February 2012 News

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Fredericksburg, Virginia
February, 2012 Issue
The Veiled Prophet Press
Monarchs Message
Greetings Prophets,
The first month of the year is nearly history as we are starting to look towards events of the upcoming year. Our January meeting went well, albeit a bit quick, but a good first run. To better organize the flow of meetings, the agenda will be included in the newsletter for everyone’s review. While other issues will come up and I am sure there will be reminders of things “left off” the agenda – it will at least give more structure. We had a good turnout, filled the remainder of required committees and benefited from a Past Monarch’s experience that filled in for an absent prophet. There are a few specific functions that we need a lead for – such as the Wine Festival, May Ceremonial Coordinator and it would be nice if some-one could step up and try to get some type of fundraiser established for St. Patrick’s Day, which also coincides with the drawing for our raffle!
Fraternally yours,
David J. Pompilio
ABACA Monarch 2012

February Dinner Challenge
We had a great time sharing some good charbroiled burgers and dogs in January, even though we forgot the side salads! This month we are doing the “$10 Chili Challenge.” No more than $10 worth of ingredients minus spices you have on hand are allowed to go into the pot. I will get several containers for a “leftover auction” – so please email or call me if you want to participate. We have a few already committed to bring a pot. The Grotto will supply the bread, crackers, cheese and salad. -DJP
What is a Mason?
There are many times I find myself answering the questions, “What are Masons and what types of people are members?” We have all scripted our own response to these and similar questions, and I will share a recent occurrence that exempli-fies what we as Master Masons are. I have been going to the local YMCA for well over a year first thing in the morning as an attempt to prolong my longevity on this planet. Each morning I and others are warmly greeted by a gentleman who always smiles and says how good it is to see you. We have short conversations in passing and during workouts, he is always friendly, sincere in his actions and is part of the “routine of the day.” About a month ago another Prophet who also frequents the gym, informed me that this man is also a Mason from another state. A couple weeks ago I noticed that he was not sitting in his chair where he greets everyone each morning. Later that morning I noticed many people stopping at the check in counter and shaking their heads. Come to find out he was taken to the hospital and remained there for a few days. I and the other aforementioned Prophet each visited him in the hospital, independently. Our brother is now back at his post before 0500 each day, smiling and greeting everyone. While I know this man only in a singular setting, he is a brother and he makes a difference in what he does and the people he encounters...
THIS is what we are!
Infernal Greetings Minions!
Oh how I love the screaming of a Mortal….
Be sure to make it to the Realm of Shades this spring for a new initiation
of mortal neophytes into my dominion and this time I will show no leniency.
Pain and Pleasure are one my friends….see you all in the pit!
-His Majesty Lucifer (Role in the Abaca Grotto Costumed Ceremony)
Monarchs Call,
Are you the missing face from the fellowship dinners, the short meetings or after hours fellowship? We really want to see you at least once this year – so why not make it the February $10 Chili Challenge? Come on – its cold outside, its dark early, the river is all but shut down, no fishin’, huntin’, no nuttin’! I may be reached at 540-850-1157 (cell) or 540-361-1125 (work).
Prophets – please consider this a standing personal invitation for you to come back for some fellowship and if you need a ride
WE will pick you up!
Orlando 2012 Disney, Epcot, Sea World, and Lego Land and the 122nd Supreme Council Session all share something very important this year: the same sunny Florida location. The Omni Orlando Resort at Champions Gate, located in the middle of everything, is the site of this year’s convention and where we should all be this 4th of July week. The luxury rooms are a mere “one bill” nightly and you are able to book this price for 3 days before and after the official dates (July 1st through the 7th). In addition to several pools, a river running through the complex, giant waterslide and free shuttles to local attractions, there are 3 golf courses including a lighted par three. I am not a huge theme park fan, however this is a good deal for the family. The number to call is 1-888-444-OMNI (6664) to reserve your room(s), but act quickly as they are booking fast, with inside pool views still available. So Prophets, who will join me in representing OUR Grotto in July? -DJP
Meeting Reminder
The next meeting will be on February 2, 2012
Fredericksburg Lodge #4 – 803 Princess Anne St.
Dinner is at 6:30 and Fellowship starts at 6:00
(“$10 Chili Challenge”)
Officers Convene at 7:10
ABACA Grotto Monthly Meeting – 7:30
Post meeting “Fellowship” at location to be announced
“If you need a ride – call me at 540-850-1157”
Calling All Prophets
As Monarch, Prophet and Brother I am making a personal appeal to help sell raffle tickets
for the Grotto and to help support our Humanitarian Foundation – Dentistry for Special
Needs Children. The drawing is for an iPad 2, iPod and iTunes card and will be drawn on
March 17th. Price is $5 per ticket or five tickets for $20. Past Monarch Chip put a lot of
time and energy into making this come to fruition and it’s time to call in some markers for
his efforts. Pick up tickets over dinner at the next meeting, or if you are unable to join us for
some fellowship – call or email me and I will make sure you get some. -DJP
February 2nd, Agenda
Old Business
 Suspensions
New Business
 Status of raffle
 May ceremonial
- Number of candidates, who is coordinating, confirm scripts and parts
- Must have one practice
 Dinners
 Convention
 Shirts
 Website
 Lodge rentals, cleanliness
 Offsite meeting
 Fundraisers, who is lead for Wine Festival, October Halloween party, etc.
 Halloween needs talent booked and we need to promote now
 Fridge sales
 Dr. Smiles, we need a backup to work with Mike Hayden
 Toothbrush upgrade and event
 Masonic mixer
 April appended bodies night
 Dress code