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March 2012 News

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Fredericksburg, Virginia
March, 2012 Issue
The Veiled Prophet Press
Monarchs Message
Greetings Prophets,
Just as the Honey Badger will soon emerge from hibernation from somewhere along Skyline Drive, we too will turn our endeavors to ceremonial and fundraising events. The May Ceremonial is still unconfirmed, but we are preparing for it in the event we have enough petitions. The October Ceremonial is gearing up to be the “Big” event, coupled with a cookout and the Annual Halloween Fundraising Party. The fundraisers are a different story. We have confirmed October 6th and 7th for the Wine Festival, with two other events pending, plus a one day toothbrush drive. There will be communication, phone calls and signup sheets for Prophets to work these events. In the event we do not have enough turn out – the Grotto will PAY (even at a loss) a temporary labor company to fulfill our commitments. Prophets, we cannot back out of one of these events that we are offered without losing all future consideration for local fundraising events. I will hold to my commitment to not “over-extend” anyone, however I am asking that you extend a little for at least one event. I understand that masonry is full of commitments and obligations, the Grotto is also one! It’s not all work for the coffers and no play; we will have fun. There will be our monthly gatherings; a summer splash down; Prophet Appreciation Day in the fall to wrap up the years hard work with crabs, oysters, steak and libations; not to mention the Halloween Party. The enthusiasm and fervor currently taking place is starting to catch on and brothers in the Masonic community are asking more about “That Grotto” and filling out membership petitions! Thank you and let’s keep having fun and moving forward.
Fraternally yours,
David J. Pompilio
ABACA Monarch 2012

Now that I have your attention. The cost of color print and postage is an expense where we could save a few bucks and prep is more than a few minute venture. With that said, I feel staying in communication with “ALL” Prophets is important enough to personally stuff, tape, stamp, return address and mail each newsletter if wanted or needed by a Prophet. If you do not have an email address, or prefer a paper copy of the newsletter we must know before next distribution. For those with email, please take a moment and email Secretary Berry at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with the “Preferred” email address you wish to receive future communications and active an phone number. If you do not have an email please call me, Dave Pompilio, at 540-850-1157 and I will make sure you stay on the regular mail distribution list.
Monarchs Call,
You! The missing face from 2012 fellowship dinners, you are missed and very welcome. March will be a great time to reconnect, even if for one fellowship dinner, to YOUR Grotto. Past Monarch Hayden will be giving a short presentation at 7 pm about our charity. Do you know what our charity is, how it operates, who we serve and how to get a child enrolled? Whether you answered yes or no this will be a good opportunity to see what our Grotto is doing in the community. We look forward to seeing you for some pizza and the presentation on March 1st. I may be reached at 540-850-1157 (cell) or 540-361-1125 (work).
Prophets – this a standing personal invitation for you to come back for some fellowship and if you need a ride WE will pick you up!

Old Business
May Ceremonial
April Appended Bodies Night
Committee Reports
Offsite Meeting
Fridge Sales
Meeting Reminder
The next meeting will be on March 1st, 2012
Fredericksburg Lodge #4 – 803 Princess Anne St.
Fellowship starts at 6:00 and Dinner is at 6:30
Local Pizza for dinner
Dr. Smiles presentation by Past Monarch Mike Hayden at 7:00
ABACA Grotto Monthly Meeting – 7:30
Post meeting “Fellowship” at location to be announced
If you need a ride – call me at 540-850-1157
March 1, Agenda
Fundraising Update
Oct Wine Festival
Halloween Party
New Business
March Dinner
Calling Tree
New Scripts
Notes from February Meeting
If every prophet sold 10 tickets, we could clear over $1,000, Drawing March 17th
There will be a sign up sheet for Grotto shirts at March meeting
The Fall Ceremonial and Halloween Party planning has begun, Ken C. is lead
All scripts will be checked and updated as appropriate
Possibility of a March and May fundraising event, PM Chip will commit services
Website will be updated and maintained
April 13th is Appended Bodies Night at Fredericksburg Lodge #4